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Swapping to a new pay monthly SIM is easy, and you can do it online in just a few minutes.

don't forget:

Please make sure you've transferred your contacts and saved any content from your old SIM onto your new phone before you get started - find out how.

visually impaired customers

If you can't read text messages, just give us a call on 0800 079 0027 and we'll be happy to help you complete your SIM swap over the phone.

Existing customer -
please log in to My Account

If you have registered for My Account, you should log in now. This makes the process even quicker as you won't need to confirm your identity.

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if you're not registered
for My Account

If you're not registered for My Account then you can still complete the SIM swap process but it will require you to complete a few extra steps so we can confirm your identity. Just make sure you have the following ready then click the link below:

  • Your old and new SIM

Please note: If you've received a new SIM because your old SIM was lost, stolen, faulty or damaged you will need to log into My Account to complete the process. Just follow the link to log in opposite and sign up, it doesn't take long.

pay as you go customer?

You can swap your SIM by calling us on 450 from your mobile phone or by calling 07973100450

need more help?

watch our handy help video to find out how to swap your SIM.

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