get started with your pay as you go SIM

We just need a few details from you before you can get up and running with your new pay as you go SIM.



If you are a pay monthly customer you can activate your SIM here.

First, you'll need to enter the mobile number of your new SIM.  Where can I find the number?


What's this?
what's this?
It's possible for computer hackers to create programmes that steal information. But never fear, these programmes have a weak spot - they're not very good at understanding images. To protect our customers' information, we use Captcha to generate an image with letters that nasty computer programmes can't read. One nil to the humans.
what to do?
  • You should be able to see a box with some random letters in it. Underneath this box, type the letters in order - without any spaces - then press your keyboard's enter button.
  • If you can't read the letters properly, don't worry. Simply press the reload button and a different set of letters will appear.
  • If you still can't read the letters, just click on the audio button to hear the letters read aloud.


Activate with your SIM number

If you don't know the mobile number of your new SIM, you can activate your SIM using your SIM number.

Click here


Where to find the mobile number of your new SIM
You can text MY NUMBER to 450, or take a look at your welcome text from Orange to find out what your mobile number is.